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GMF Equipment Ltd – a trusted name in surface treatment equipment

GMF Equipment provide a wide range of thermal process equipment focusing on the electroplating and surface treatment industry. We supply over the side and bottom tank heaters, electric immersion heaters, heat exchangers and all associated controls and accessories. Our products provide safe and efficient monitoring of corrosive liquids on both continuous (line treatment) and discontinuous processes (storage tanks & containers).

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We have been sourcing and supplying customers all over the UK for over 20 years and are relied upon repeatedly by many large firms for short notice equipment supply. Our expertise in the field of metal finishing means we can respond quickly to our customers’ needs and minimise any lost production time.

As exclusive distributors in the UK for Galvatek and Mazurczak we are backed by exceptional scientific and engineering expertise to assist with all enquiries. Please call on 01509 673 656 or email us at sales@gmfequipment.co.uk to discuss your particular requirements.

Heating – Safety – Quality

GMF recognises that quality and safety within the finishing industry is paramount. We have trained technical staff who are able to design, recommend and specify heating and control equipment for your individual process or chemistry.

Our heaters are designed for direct immersion into the majority of solutions, acids or alkaline and are manufactured in various materials such as Teflon, FEP, PFA, porcelain, quartz glass, PTFE, stainless steel and titanium.

Custom Built Products

As well as our extensive standard stock range we can offer a bespoke design service tailored to your exact process requirements – please contact us more more information.

Reliable Monitoring and Controlling

Measuring, controlling and monitoring are essential to meet the ever more stringent health and safety/insurance requirements being enforced. We offer level switches, temperature probes, combined level/temperature probes, electronic level/temperature controllers and monitors to keep your operations both safe and efficient.

GMF Equipment Ltd stock SYNOTHERM Plate Heat Exchangers

Plate Heat Exchanger Synotherm

The metal plate heat exchanger SYNOTHERM is designed as an indirect heating or cooling system for use in galvanising lines and tanks where small assembly dimensions and a good resistance to process fluids are required. The space saved (1/3 compared to pipe coil heat exchangers) with the same performance data is a particularly good reason for using plate heat exchangers.

The heat exchanger is made from stainless steel or titanium and is designed for the passage of hot and cool fluids (e.g. water, heat transfer oil, steam).

For the efficient design of the plate heat exchanger SYNOTHERM we Kindly request two forms:

a) the form for the heat demand calculation

b) the form for the dimensions of the heat exchanger

For more information please visit: https://www.synotherm.de/en/

Immersion Heaters for metal treatment processes

We stock removable core and rod type immersion heaters. They are suitable for positioning on the side or bottom of tanks and can be used for frost protection and keeping constant temperature in storage tanks or IBC’s.

We can recommend the correct power of heater for your chemistry  – simply complete either a frost calculation or power calculation form online and our experts will get back to you.


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Exclusive UK distributors for Galvatek and Mazurczak

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